The World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Pump Service Platform

We aim to create the next huge pump which all traders and investors around the world have been waiting for. With 6 years of industry experience, we gather a team of experienced traders and investors, crypto channels, and the biggest whales on Binance, by implementing all the new measures, we are confident to guarantee that the upcoming pump will be massive. Going on, we will be coordinating the pumps with our team as well as the members to get the coin trending during the whole process of every pump.

The Pump Schemes

UFD serves TWO different pumps.


By pumping coins "already listed" in exchanger such as Binance, Gate.io, Huobi, KuCoin, etc. This requires VIPs membership to access. Receiving the coin names ONE hour before the pump starts for being able to buy the dip and wait until coin names release officially. Ready to sell in ONE minute only, not for hold.


By pumping "new coin listing" in Gate.io. It lists new coins every day. Hence, we take this great opportunity and apply our finest bot system to pump. What’s more? We offer to all the members, both VIPs, and officials, to join our investment term as we ought to help each of you to make a huge profit every day.

*Invitation to VIPs membership is granted on condition that investment of 500 BUSD and joining our pump for coins already listed every day.